Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced the 11th new market since the pandemic hit and 23rd overall, has been awarded to Detroit MI, the Detroit Hustle.

The Detroit area and state of Michigan have a rich tradition of great high school, college & pro basketball. Geographically Detroit is within 5 hours of five TBL teams.

The Team Market Owner, Curtis Lee is a former collegiate basketball player and entrepreneur from Detroit along with Jody Hill, Head of Basketball Operations.

“I am very excited to be able to bring this community based pro basketball league to where I am from. There is so much talent from Detroit that I know our team will be entertaining and very competitive. We are called ‘Hustle’ because we are going to be hustling about our community, being involved in using our platform to help the youth.” – Curtis Lee TMO Detroit Hustle

“Detroit is home for many members of my family and close friends.  There is a real sense of community there and a commitment to support one another.  Our young men will have major opportunities to become true ambassadors as pro players having a positive influence on a great city that has a rich and vibrant history.” – Evelyn Magley/CEO


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